Friday, January 4, 2008


I was printing out pictures for T to take to 4H the other day and came across a photo of Cocoa. Cocoa was a miniature horse mare that came from the same farm as Pumpkin. She and Pumpkin, along with another mini, had gotten very sick while at that farm and lost a considerable amount of weight and were in horrible condition. We were not able to take them both home so Pumpkin came home first since he seemed to need the help more but the mare haunted me. We were able to go back and get her about a month later. She was skinny like Pumpkin and shaggy. She never was 100% even though she was gaining weight slowly and looked a lot better than the day she stepped off the trailer. She coliced on October 26th and died which was heartbreaking for T. It was heartbreaking for all of us. I like to think that we gave her a better life for the month that we had her and that she had companionship until the end.

This is Cocoa about a week before she died. I miss the grumpy faces she used to make at me (she only really ever liked T). Raider still whinnys at the trailer whenever it's hooked up. Poor Raider was mad at the world for about 2 weeks after she died. Pumpkin was sad too but Raider really showed it.

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