Saturday, July 19, 2008

Buxmont Gymkhana - 7/19/2008

The Buxmont Gymkhana is finally here, after much anticipation! T rode Jet in 7 classes - Cone Race, T-Bone, Pole Bending, One Lap, Bleeding Heart, Keyhole and Barrel Racing. We brought Razzle along to expose him to the show and boy, was he a pain. He will be getting quite a few lessons on how to behave on the leadline. Ok, back to the show. T had never done Cone Race and wasn't even really sure what to do. There were about 15 riders in the Junior Division and she was the youngest by at least a couple of years. She placed 3rd in Cone Race, 5th in Keyhole, and 6th in Bleeding Heart. She just missed being in the ribbons for One Lap (her time was 13 seconds). She did it all with a smile on her face. She also rode Razzle in Barrel Racing and he was quite a surprise! He cantered almost the whole thing (who knew?!?) and she almost placed with him. She completely rocked and we are so proud of her!!

Cone Race


Pole Bending

Bleeding Heart

Handsome boy with his bling


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