Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Diego is gone

Bombproof - February 2008

The Ultimate Babysitter

Diego started to display signs of colic yesterday. He walked up to Craig and laid down, basically asking for help. Diego never laid down in front of people. I had owned him for 8 1/2 years and only seen him lay down twice in all that time. After talking with the vet, we gave him a shot of Banamine to ease his pain. The vet came out to check on him and did a fecal exam. He felt a blockage about the size of a small football which could have been poop or a tumor. He tubed him and gave him about 2 1/2 gallons of water plus about a 1/2 gallon of mineral oil. Diego got another shot of Banamine at 8:30 PM last night. He was showing signs of pain and was agitated. He stayed in the ring overnight and I stayed with him. What little sleep I got was in the car. He had a fairly quiet night and because he hadn't pooped overnight, I gave him another shot of Banamine this morning at 5:30 AM. We brought Razzle up to keep him company and the two of them hung out until around lunch time. Diego started to show signs of agitation as the Banamine wore off so he got another shot at 12:30 PM. He kept looking at me like he wanted help. Dr. Seybolt got to the farm around 3:30 PM. The blockage was still there and the prognosis was not good. We decided at that point that it would be painful for him to continue and he was euthanized. He went quick and painless and I was able to stay with him so he knew that somebody loved him to the end. He was my first horse and taught me how to ride. He taught T how to be around horses and how to be a good horsewoman. She doesn't remember life without him. He will sorely be missed forever. He was such a personality and such a good buddy. Diego was about 28 years old.

May 10, 2008 after a good roll in the mud

August 2005

May 2002 with T

2001 at Skyline Stables where I bought him


Cedar View Paint Horses said...

I'm so sorry. Our heartfelt condolences.

Anonymous said...

Diego was a nice horse and I am sorry that he is gone. He will be missed.

Cheryl Ann said...

Oh, gosh...I'm just in tears reading about your Diego. At least you were with him. Beauty died alone in her corral and I found her the next morning. I wish I had been there for her. I feel so guilty. I never got to say good-bye to her. I miss her whinney when I arrived at the ranch. She was the only horse to greet me when I drove in. I miss her terribly, even though I only had her 2 1/2 years.

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