Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ever had one of those weeks where everything happens at once?!?

Phew, this week has been busy!! Everything seems to be happening at once...

T had an orthodontist appointment yesterday. What a fiasco that turned into! The orthodontist had been recommended by my primary care dentist (I have DMO dental insurance). Craig took T for the initial consultation and for the x-rays, impressions, etc. When he asked what the insurance would cover, he was told that it would be discussed with us at the final consultation. We had the final consultation yesterday. The orthodontist went through all the work he would like to do and then the billing person came in. She handed us a $5,000 bill. When I asked what insurance would cover, she told me that this orthodontist wasn't in our network and insurance wouldn't cover anything. We hightailed it out of there. We were so mad!!! Why didn't anyone in the orthodontist's office or the dentist's office mention that they didn't accept our insurance?!? The billing person couldn't answer that question. Craig remembered that there was a new orthodontist's office that just opened in Harleysville so we were able to get an appointment yesterday afternoon. All new x-rays were taken, new impressions, the works. He put spacers in and T will be getting her braces on August 12th. She will have them on for about 2 1/2 years and should have them off before she starts high school. This orthodontist is highly credentialed and seems to really stay on top of the latest. His price was less and it includes all the follow up once the braces come off. T liked him better too so it seems to all have worked out for the best, stress notwithstanding.

We had been talking about getting another dog for T. We had to put Binky down in June 6th at the ripe old age of 15. Snoopy is still hanging in there but he's 14 and really starting to look it. She has never really had a dog of her own since we had both Binky and Snoopy when she was born. T and Craig visited the SPCA and checked out the dogs available for adoption. I left work early one day to see a Lab mix that T liked. She didn't seem like the right dog for us. A few kennels down was a black and white Border Collie mix that had been a stray and had just come in that day (he looks more Collie than Border Collie). He reminded all of us of Binky and he sat down and tried to give me his paw through the cage. We put in an application on him that day. T visited him every day while we were waiting for him to available for adoption. He seems to really like her and will watch her when she walks away from him. We found out yesterday that they selected us to be his new owners. He was neutered yesterday and we pick him up today. We have chosen the name Bandit for him. This is the picture that the SPCA had on their website. I will post more pics once we get him home.

Sunday we brought the mare home. That one wasn't really planned but she is really a lovely mare and we hope to train her for gymkhana classes. She a pretty thing with an effortless trot and canter. She has a great disposition and seems like a nice addition to the herd.

And, I got an e-mail that the Boz saddle that I ordered in March has shipped. I should have it by Monday! I have been not-so-patiently waiting and waiting for this saddle. I'm so excited!!

All in all, not a bad week!

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