Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Razzle's got a new pair of shoes

We had the farrier, Ralph, out to look at Razzle's feet on Saturday. He is ouchy on the gravel and hesitant to trot in the ring. After taking a good look at his feet and his soles, Ralph feels that Razzle probably had road founder at one point. His soles are soft and sensitive and he has a bit of a line on the outside wall. Right now we opted for front shoes to elevate Razzle feet a bit and give him some relief from the ouchies. The sore feet may make him reluctant to canter. I rode him last night in the ring, on the gravel driveway and in the woods. He certainly didn't seem sore at all. We got some cantering done in the ring and running in the woods has never been a problem for him. Video

There's a spot that we use in the woods to do a nice run uphill. About half way through you can see a small tree branch that I end up with. Razzle aims for this tree every time we do this particular run. He's smart enough to duck his head which means the branch gets me square in the chest. Last night the branch gave up and I took it with me. If you have audio, you can hear me crabbing about the stupid branch. At least now we've cleared the path. Video

T is getting ready for the Buxmont Gymkhana on Saturday. She was riding in the ring and in the woods too. Video

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