Saturday, August 30, 2008

First Ride in the Boz Saddle

I got to ride in the new Boz saddle tonight. It fits Jet, with his sharkfin withers, and it fits Sky. I'm so happy! The saddle is as comfortable as I remember. It needed some adjustments for stirrups, girth, and breastcollar but otherwise it was great. I actually was able to sit Sky's trot and get her moving. Man, she has a big trot! She's going to make a really wonderful riding horse. Jet also has a big trot (not as big as Sky's) but he is smoother. I'm used to riding Razzle who has a much shorter stride and is gaited. These 2 cover so much ground. It takes a little getting used to. I'm looking forward to lots of rides in this saddle.

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