Sunday, August 31, 2008

Razzle left for a new home today

I teach a friend riding lessons on Tuesdays each week. She was considering buying a horse of her own so she could trail ride and ride with her daughter. She's taken several lessons on Razzle and ridden him with me on the Orange Trail. Last week we did the lesson at her house in her grass ring. She took Razzle out into the fields by herself and she did great. After seeing that, I thought that Razzle would be perfect for her - the right size, the right gait, the right temperament. I dropped him off at her place today. The other 2 horses didn't bother him and all was quiet when I left. I couldn't ask for a better home and I don't think that she could have asked for a better horse for her. Good luck, Razzle, in your new home and I will see you on Tuesday nights! Congrats to Penny and family on the new addition!

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