Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trail Riding Today

So, we made an attempt to trail ride in Evansburg State Park today. T and I loaded up Jet and Razzle and headed for the park with Craig as our driver. We unloaded and started to ride with Eleanor, George, and another rider named Liz. The sky was getting darker and there were rumbles of thunder. The group trotted off and T and I slowed down a bit since I was bareback. Once we picked up the trot again, Razzle caught a rock and took a tumble but luckily stayed on his feet and I managed to stay on. Once we caught up with the group, it had started to rain so we called Craig to come and get us. In the 5 minutes it took him to get to us the heavens opened up. Torrential rain with about 30 mph winds and thunder and lightening. We probably rode for about an hour and then packed it in. So much for a nice long stroll in the woods. There's always next week!

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