Sunday, September 21, 2008

Buxmont Gymkhana, September 20th

Last night was the much awaited Buxmont Gymkhana (last one was in July). We took Jet by himself and T registered for 7 classes - Birangle, Flag Race, Barrels, Keyhole, Hoop the Barrel, Pole Bending, T-Bone. Razzle's new owners brought him and their daughter Meagan rode him. Both girls had a really good time! The Western pleasure show held earlier in the day ran late so the gymkhana started an hour late. We left at 10 PM and the last class was finishing up. It was a long day. There were a lot of riders and the competition was fierce in T's group, Junior Division 11-17 year olds.

Tessa was just out of the ribbons on 6 classes and placed 4th in Flag Race. All of the times were really close. She and Jet did awesome!!! As a team, they are improving by leaps and bounds! NBHA Barrel Show is next weekend and the last gymkhana of the season is in 2 weeks. Practice, practice, practice...

Warm Up - Jet on the left, Razzle on the right

Flag Race - 4th Place


Barrel Racing

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