Saturday, October 11, 2008

4H Fall Frolic Fun Horse Show

Today was the 4H Fall Frolic Fun Horse Show. We got to the show grounds around 8:30 AM and we didn't leave until around 5 PM (LONG DAY!!!). T competed in 8 classes including a Barnyard Challenge which had several obstacles including different jumps, weaving pumpkins, doing a 360 degree turn in a box and a figure 8 around 2 barrels. Her first class as Open Pleasure Hack - open to horses or ponies in English or Western tack; walk/trot/canter along the rail, jump 2 cross rails, hand-gallop, stop and back. There were 16 riders of all ages. T placed 6th!!! She has never ridden in a hack class before and she was the only Western rider to place. She did awesome!!! She also took a 2nd place ribbon in the Walk Race (how fast can you walk the length of the arena). She had fun in the rest of the classes and both she and Jet are tired. I'm so proud of them both.

Warming Up
Dollar Bareback

Walk Race
Getting 6th Place Ribbon, Open Pleasure Hack

Barrel Racing

Pumpkin Jump - Barnyard Challenge

Open Pleasure Hack - 1st cross rail

Open Pleasure Hack - 2nd cross rail

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