Friday, October 10, 2008

All is quiet, so far

We decided yesterday to turn the new pony out right away with Jet. He's been through his quarantine period and has spent the last 2 weeks in a tie stall in the barn so we figured he would really enjoy the company and the space to move around. They seem to get along well and are sharing hay nicely. Some posturing going on but not much. Jet tried to bully him a bit and he turned his butt and threw a warning hoof and Jet got the message. When we free longed him last night, we also had Jet in the ring so he could follow Jet's lead. They had a good time running around, bucking, and some playing. He doesn't want to let Jet out of his sight which is understandable since this is all new to him. This morning both were quietly munching hay their hay, standing next to each other. I didn't see any marks on either one so it doesn't look like they were picking on each other.

They are pretty close in size but Jet is definitely more substantial, both in weight and muscle. We are tentatively calling him Jax (short for Cracker Jax or Apple Jax - not sure yet) which seems to fit him.

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