Sunday, October 19, 2008

Buxmont Fun Show on Saturday

Buxmont had the last show of the season - a fun show just for members with 5 classes and free food, followed up with a trail ride and a hay ride. T signed up for 5 classes but competed in only 3 because Jet came up lame (not sure if he pulled something or got a stone bruise - he's better today). She got a 3rd in Witches Dance (musical ribbons), a 3rd in Pumpkin Patch (the rider had to run up to a barrel full of little pumpkins and find a specific number on the bottom of one of the pumpkins), and a 2nd in Whack the Goon (hitting small pumpkins by color from 4 cones with a plastic bat plus banging a fake hand from a cone). She had a great time and it was a really fun day.

Warming Up

Witches Dance

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