Friday, October 3, 2008

Chasing Razzle through the Soybeans

Last night, I headed over to Penny's to give her a lesson on Razzle. The weather has cooled and all of the horses are goofy so we decided to free lunge him in their ring. He got his head under the tape and realized he could exit so he did. Popped the 2 strands at the gate and took off in the soybean field...BIG soybean field. So, here's me and Penny chasing this stinking 13 hand horse while he does a joyful gait through the field. He got about halfway to the treeline (I thought we were hosed if he made it into the next field) and then realized that all of the stuff he was runny through was pretty tasty. At this point, Penny had gone back to the house for reinforcements. I caught him and walked him back through the field, lungs burning. I'm still coughing today. It was an eventful night! I'm getting way too old for this...

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