Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Farrier Visit

Jax got a visit from our farrier Ralph last night. His horrible shoes and pads have come off and Ralph took about an inch off of his feet. Turns out the shoes were fairly new (very little wear) with no borium studs so not road shoes and he hadn't been trimmed in at least 11-12 weeks. He had an abscess at the hairline in his left front at one point that has since grown out (close to an inch down the hoof) as well as an abscess at the heel in the left hind, also grown out. Ralph thinks that someone threw the shoes on him to cover up the abscess for a quick sale. He had snow pads on 1 foot, 2 pads on another. Luckily he seems to have really hard feet with no evidence of twist or rotation. His legs are straight and he moves soundly. Ralph recommended that we keep him barefoot which I am thrilled about. I plan to work on his feet a little bit each week to bring his heels down and have a more natural hoof. His feet look so little now! He does have thrush on both back feet so we are treating him with a paste that is used for dairy cows but works really well on horses.

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