Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First Ride on Jax

I was able to ride Jax last night. The weather has been unseasonably warm and absolutely gorgeous! It was probably in the mid-60s when I rode around dusk (luckily we have ring lights). He stands very quietly for mounting and dismounting - not even a single step. I did encounter a small problem with the bit, actually several bits. I think that he has a low pallet and the bits that I tried definitely make him uncomfortable so the search is on for some that works well on him. I ended up riding with a halter and reins. He is stiff and can be stubborn when he wants to but it's definitely not something we can't work through. I have a hackamore that I can try him in and am looking at other bit options. Through the switching of various bridles and me getting and and getting off several times, he completely behaved himself - no offers to kick out, buck or rear. We did a lot of walking with a bit of trotting. He has a really nice trot that is very easy to sit to. He's a very friendly guy and is used to being handled so I am pretty sure that he wasn't always among the Amish/Mennonites. He gets right on the trailer, stands for fly spray, leads well, stands for a bath - a lot of the things that the cart ponies don't normally do right off the bat. I'm pretty happy with him so far and I'm really looking forward to working with him. We are going to try a trail ride in the park this weekend.

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