Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jet - 1 year later

When we first went to look at Jet, he had been barefoot for about 3 weeks, since his previous owner had decided to sell him. He had been very lame prior to his shoes being pulled and his previous owner had noted lameness on and off while she had him. He was very over at the knee but was sound so we took a chance on him. We basically turned him out for a month and started to do regular barefoot trims on him every 3 weeks. Our vet recommended that we not shoe him and continue to do the barefoot trims with the hope that his legs may straighten out some in time. He has turned into a really wonderful horse to have around and is an absolute pleasure to ride. He has been barefoot since last September and we have owned him since October 31, 2007. He has competed in gaming classes in various shows this year and T has had a blast on him.

These pics were taken the day that we went to check him out - October 28, 2007

This is Jet today.

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