Thursday, October 9, 2008

A new beginning

We were able to find a new home for Smores. She will be a broodmare for a Gypsy stud on a 114-acre horse farm in Germansville. I hope that she enjoys her new life and that her new owner is happy with her.

We were able to find a more seasoned horse for me from the same farm that took Smores. He is a chestnut 13.2 hand Standardbred pony. He came from a Mennonite farm and was taken in trade by a broker for a full size Standardbred because the farmer's kids outgrew him. He is responsive, has a nice walk, trot, and canter, an instant woe and a kind eye. I am very much looking forward to working him in the ring and getting him out on the trail. He has been gone from the Mennonite farm for about a month and, from what I have been told, has gained about 75 pounds. He has gone through a quarantine period and has been wormed once so far. He is still skinny and straggly and definitely needs some TLC including foot care. He still has road shoes on from his former life as a cart pony. Craig dropped off Smores this morning and picked him up. He got on and off the trailer like a champ. He had a good roll around the arena and then Craig gave him a bath. I'll try to get pics later and post. We can only hope that he will be as good as Razzle. Now to find him a name...

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