Thursday, October 9, 2008

No Name Pony

Boy, it's been a busy day for the new pony. He got a bath earlier today since he was really gross. Around dinner time, we free longed him in the ring for a few minutes. He got good and sweaty and was blowing hard so we didn't let him do too much for very long. He got his bridle path and whiskers clipped, his mane evened out a bit and his tail trimmed about 2 inches (lots of yucky stuff stuck to the bottom of his tail). Now that he's clean, well, cleaner, his color is a much deeper chestnut than I originally thought - almost like a red sable. Pretty color and I can't wait to see what he looks like in the spring once he's put on weight and sheds his coat. His mane has some white hairs in it and the base of his forelock also has white hairs. His feet are really not the greatest - long toes in the front, high heels all around, uneven. We have a call in to the farrier to have him come out, pull the shoes and trim him down. I don't want to measure his height until his feet have been trimmed as I think he's going to lose about an inch between the shoes and the trim. Heightwise he is pretty close to Jet's height which is perfect for me. He's just a little bit shorter. He needs a significant amount of weight to be healthy. I like his personality so far and I look forward to watching him bloom. Now he needs a name (open to suggestions!).

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