Monday, October 13, 2008

The pony has a name

We have decided to call the new pony Cracker Jax or Jax for short. The name seems to fit him. He is a very nice little guy with a very sweet personality. He really likes to be groomed and will follow you around for a scratch at the base of his mane. He has been eating a huge amount of hay. We wormed him on Friday and found evidence of worms which explains why he is constantly hungry. Hopefully he will pass all the worms and start to get some nutrition from the food he is eating. We have been giving him a bran mash to help him move things along. We had hoped to get his shoes pulled this past weekend but the farrier wasn't able to get there. I'm hoping he can come today. Once he gets the road shoes off, I am planning to get him into a regular exercise program. We have been free longing him for short amounts of time but he is really out of shape so I don't want to push him too hard, especially since he's already starting to get his winter coat and the temperature has been in the high 70s or 80.

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