Sunday, October 19, 2008

Riding Today

We decided that it was time to give Jax a good workout. His feet are better, his worms are hopefully all gone, and he's gained some weight. The hackamore that we tried the other night that seemed to work so well didn't work well today so it was back to my favorite Myler bit. After a bit of fiddling, this seemed to be what was working so on with the ride. I did some walking and trotting with a small canter. T brought Jet up and jumped on bareback with just a halter to wander around the ring (we wanted to give him a break since he was lame at the show). Then T got on Jax and did some walking and trotting with quite a bit of cantering - in my saddle and in her barrel saddle. Poor Jax was exhausted by the time we were finished. She even did the barrel pattern a couple of times. Who knows how long it's been since he was really ridden. We took a quick stroll in the woods after the ring work. Jax didn't seem to be bothered by the wind, the leaves or the woods in general. He has the makings of a really fine pony for us.

Extended Trot

Working the barrel pattern
A little grumpy

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