Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Snow is a 4-letter word

Remember my previous post about the beautiful sunrises we have been having in the crisp autumn air - well, forget about it!! The weather forecast last night called for rain all night and into today with a clearing by this afternoon. I woke up this morning to pouring rain and temps in the low 40s. I got dressed for work, pulled my overalls on over my work clothes, got my neoprene boots and my rain slicker. When I got to the barn, the mini were drenched but not shivering and perfectly happy to eat their hay in the shed. Jet and Jax were soaked to the skin and had eaten every blade of the bale of hay that they got last night. Jax was shivering. Jet probably was too but didn't let me get close enough to find out. I trudged up and down the hill to the barn and back to get blankets and grain. After about a half hour of struggling I got them fed and blanketed and they were much happier. The rain was really coming down and almost felt like wet snow. I got in the car and it started to look like wet snow. The temp dropped to 32. It snowed the whole ride to work. It snowed all day and started to stick. None of the weather forecasters predicted snow. IT DOESN'T SNOW IN THIS PART OF PENNSYLVANIA BEFORE HALLOWEEN!!! It was 80 degrees last week. The temps tonight will be in the 30s with 40 mph gusts and wind chills in the 20s. I really hope that this isn't an indication of the weather to come...

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