Thursday, November 20, 2008

Back to Basics

Since Diego died in July, I find myself searching high and low for another horse that can do it all - ride English, Western or bareback, sure footed on the trail, kind, patient, and good on the ground. We have been through several and still haven't found that one. Jet has turned into an absolutely awesome horse. Who knew that the scrawny, bent-kneed, neurotic horse that we got last year would become this really great, easy going horse. He has become the lead horse for every ride and is the one that we can trust little kids on (he will stop dead if he feels a rider sliding around). I would love to find another one like Jet and like Diego - with the best qualities of both. So, it's back to basics. We now have Jet as a riding horse and the minis. Montero went to a new home in a large field (20 acres or so) in a herd of about 12 horses that should be the absolutely best environment for him and should minimize his cribbing. Jax went to a local rescue to be an ambassador for the rescue. The black TWH gelding went to a new home where they will hopefully enjoy him (he was not nearly as sure footed on the trail as I had hoped and would not have worked out well for us). I hope that we have made each one of their lives a little better. The search will continue for another riding horse in the near future.

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