Sunday, November 9, 2008

Black Tennessee Walking Horse

We have sat down as a family to discuss the horses and riding. We have talked it over and decided that Jax really isn't the best for us right now. He's really not what I had hoped he would be and I think it's time to find him a new home (I hate doing this!) which we are working on. For all of us to be able to ride together as a family we really need three seasoned horses that preferrably neck rein and can be trail ridden and ridden in the ring. So we came across another ad on Craigslist for another Tennessee Walking Horse (they used to be hard to find - I've come across 4 in the last 2 weeks). We went to look at him first thing this morning, test rode him, and we went back with the trailer to get him. He is a approximately 18 year old black gelding with a white blaze on his face. He's built like a tank. We brought him back to the farm and rode him in the ring. Of course he doesn't have the best feet (have any of mine every had?!?) so we decided to take a look. That led to trimming his feet a bit (about a 1/2 an inch). He's still got nails in his feet from shoes. The guy we got him from told us he keeps his horses barefoot and he's had him since March so who knows how long the nails have been there. We managed to get most of the nails out (the ones left in should come out on their own) and he seems to be more comfortable now. We hauled him and Jet over to the Buxmont ring and rode him for quite a bit. I'm sure he's tired since he hasn't gotten much use lately.

His previous owner called him Woody but it doesn't seem to fit him so now we are on the search for a new name.

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