Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tennessee Walking Horse, Montero

About 6 weeks ago, Craig was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was put on daily meds. Since that time he has lost about 40 pounds and his energy level is much better. The doctor thinks that this has been brewing for about 20 years. Since he's feeling better these days he decided that he wants to start riding with me and T. So, we have been keeping that in the back of our minds as we periodically check classifieds online. Last night we came across an ad on Craigslist for a 7 year old Tennessee Walking Horse. The ad listed him as the right age, the right height and the right disposition for what we were looking. So, early this morning we headed over to see him. And we came home with him. This is Montero.

His previous owner was unable to pay for his board and she wanted him to go to a good home. He needs to gain about 100 pounds but he has a sweet face and a kind eye. He has great ground manners, supposedly has been trained by Richard Shrake, and has several blue ribbons from local Buxmont shows and 4H shows including States. T and I rode him a little bit today (a short time only since he's underweight) and, boy, is he smooth!! His gaits are awesome! I'm looking forward to him gaining more weight, more muscle and seeing what he will become. He has an impacted tooth that has created a bump on his jaw bone but his previous owner tells us that it hasn't bothered him. We use the same vet so we have a call in to our vet to find out what he thinks. Look for updates as he fills out.

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