Sunday, November 23, 2008

Prepping for the cold weather

It seems that the cold weather has descended on us almost overnight and caught us unprepared. Last Saturday it was 72 degrees with a tornado warning. The storm blew over but the next day the temperature dropped 30 degrees and the wind picked up. By Wednesday, the temps were in the 20s and it was snowing. I chipped ice off of the water tubs for 2 days and then we managed to get the heaters in the tubs. So nice to not have to break the ice in the mornings!! The temperature each day is about 20 degrees below what is normal for this area and this time of year. Big difference in 50 degrees and 30 degrees! We have moved the minis to a smaller paddock and Jet is back in the paddock closest to the road. Lots of cleaning up in preparation for winter. Last night it was in the teens and Jet had his big heavy blanket on. He doesn't grow much of a winter coat (sissy horse) so he gets to wear jammies. It was cold enough last night that even the minis got blanketed. They are so cute with their fuzzy legs and their blankets!

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