Saturday, December 20, 2008

Charm's First Farrier Visit

Ralph stopped by the farm on Thursday and had time to take a look at Charm. She has a bunch near her heel at the coronet band and a line of hoof that I was concerned about. Plus she hasn't been sound. Ralph thinks that she took a chunk out of the heel at some point and it is healing well. He feels she should come sound. She does still have thrush and he recommended that we keep treating it (hard to get rid of it when we've had nothing but rain for weeks and the pastures never seem to dry). He also felt that she had the right confirmation and attitude for gaming (T is thrilled!). She's been around the block and tried every trick she knew to protest - no biting or kicking but she's awfully smart. She's got shoes on the front for now and hopefully she will be sound for riding...if we ever get a break in the weather.

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