Sunday, December 28, 2008

First real ride on Charm

Jet and Charm are doing really well in the big pasture with the rest of the herd (I think there's 10 horses total now). Charm has done wonders for Jet in that she comes up as soon as she hears your voice and he follows. Jet can be pretty stand-offish and hard to catch but he follows her and she's a pocket pony. She was very attached to him at first and would freak out a bit if she couldn't see him but she is settling in really well. Her feet are better now that she has shoes and her thrush seems to be clearing up so it was time to get in a real ride on her other than the quick walks bareback. T rode Jet and I rode Charm (she got on Charm very briefly but she claims she can't ride in my saddle - it's mutual, I have to shoehorn my butt into her 14 inch barrel saddle). Charm lived up to her name! A bit of attitude but nothing horrible. We did some ring work and then a quick walk in the woods for a change of scenery. I even split off from T and Jet in the woods and she didn't bat an eye. If she was going to be spooky today would have been the day as there were huge wind gust and everything flapping in the breeze. We just need to get used to each other and we both need to get rid of some flab ;) Of course, I look like the Michelin man since I had a big quilted flannel on...

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