Friday, December 26, 2008

A Quiet Christmas

Christmas Eve found me working on a scheduled day off but we are frantically trying to meet our year end goals (gotta pay for these horses somehow). The rest of the year will be very busy.

Christmas morning dawned bright and sunny - finally!!! After watching T open gifts and having a leisurely breakfast I headed over to the farm to feed the other furry critters. All was quiet and it was very nice to see the sunlight for a change. The ice had finally melted and blankets could be taken off.

We headed over in the afternoon to do some clean up and fill up the water tub now that the hose had defrosted. T rode Jet bareback for a little bit. He was definitely "feeling his oats" now that it was warmer and the footing had been so treacherous for days. We had let him and Charm run around the ring for a good half hour before T rode him but he was still full of pep.

We decided that it would be best for both Charm and Jet to be out in the pasture with the big herd (11 horses counting Jet & Charm) - more space for them to move around including hills and less clean up for us. The first sunny day in a what felt like forever seemed like the perfect time so out they went. We turned them out by the cistern so they would know where the water was and they took off together to explore.

Saying hello to the rest of the herd
Jet pushed his way into the hay first thing and Charm stuck by his side. They are definitely buddies and stick up for each other. I went back in the afternoon to check on them and they were both close to the overhang so I lead Jet in and Charm followed. I figured I would give them a little bit of grain so they would get used to eating by the barn. Charm is obviously used to being in a barn because she literally ran into a stall as soon as she heard the grain going in to the feed tub. Gave me a good chuckle.
Now that the big horses are out with the rest of the herd, the minis get the big paddock again. They were very happy to be running around and wallowing in the mud that is a result of the ice melting.

I hope all the critters will be happy with their "new" digs.

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