Friday, January 2, 2009

Hairy Beasties

The minis are the hairiest little critters in the winter! It's hard to capture on camera but their coats are so long and thick. Raider's ears disappear into this mane and forelock.

We joke that they have snow pants on their legs since the hair is about 4 inches long. Pumpkin's fetlocks actually come down past his hoof to the ground. We try not to do anything but clip a bridle path for their halters and keep their tails from dragging in the mud since they grow such a good defense against the cold.

Raider actually stood still for me so I got a good picture of him. He's awfully cute!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awwww, Your minis are adorable. Maybe I need to consider getting a couple, in case I'm not able to ride as well after my surgery.

I'm envious of their long full manes. Oh! To have all that thick hair of my own...

New Mexico

CTG Ponies said...

Neither mini had long manes or forelocks when we got them. It seemed like as soon as their overall health got better the hair just exploded. You should see the hair that comes off of them in the spring.

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