Thursday, June 4, 2009

Eggs and the End Result

One of the constants at the Kutztown Produce Auction is eggs - lots and lots of eggs. They are sold in lots depending on the seller, sometimes as small as 4 dozen, sometimes 15 or 20 dozen at a time. Saturday was no exception. Most of the eggs are brown but there were some green ones thrown into the mix. You don't get much fresher than these.

And next to the eggs were the baked goods - shoofly pie, peach pie, strawberry rhubarb pie, sticky buns, peanut butter buns - an entire table of sticky goodness. The baked goods vary by week, depending on the season and what's fresh. We bid on the peanut butter buns but got outbid.


Ishtar said...

Would you have to buy the whole table of buns then?

CTG Ponies said...

No, not the whole table but whatever the seller decided. In this case I think it was lots of 3 pies.

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