Monday, June 15, 2009

June 12th Gymkhana

Our Saturday started off quiet enough. As we left home to head over to the barn to hook up the trailer and head over to the club grounds, we noticed 2 horses where they shouldn't be, in a hay field across the street from our development. Next thing we know they were in the road. We managed to catch them both - an Appaloosa and a huge Clydesdale and while Craig and Tessa stayed put with rope we had in the truck, I ran home and grabbed halters. Luckily a neighbor drove around and found out where the horses belonged and Rita was kind enough to hook up the trailer and haul them back home. So we had a slight delay but we were off...

The Buxmont Riding Club gymkhana was another success! T carried the American flag for the opening ceremony set to music. We got one class in before the downpour started and had a rain delay of about 45 minutes. We managed to get in 5 more classes before the last class was cancelled so everyone could get packed up before the next round of thunderstorms. I wasn't able to get a lot of pictures because of the rain and the quality of the light (lots of black clouds).
Opening Ceremony

T's show results for Youth Division:

On Jet:
Hoop the Barrel
- 1st place with a time of 10.132
Poles - 3rd place with a time of 28.560
Double Bowtie - no time
Barrels - 2nd place with a time of 21.517
Magazine Race - 1st place with a time of 30.987
Keyhole - 3rd place with a time of 12.599
Grand Champion for High Points (by 1 point)

On Montero:
Hoop the Barrel
- 5th place with a time of 10.836
Poles - 6th place with a time of 32.815
Double Bowtie - time of 24.825, not in top 6
Barrels - 3rd place with a time of 22.156
Magazine Race - 5th place with a time of 38.179
Keyhole - 2nd place with a time of 11.533

She is currently number 2 for year end points, working towards a jacket.

Hoop the Barrel on Jet

Double Bowtie on Jet

Double Bowtie on Montero

Poles on Jet

Poles on Montero

When we got back to the barn, there were some ponies loose so our day of catching horses wasn't over. All 3 were returned safe and sound to the barn and Jet and Montero got turned out with their late dinner. All in all, it was a good day despite the rain drops.

For more gymkhana pics and show information, please visit my Shutterfly site.


Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Congrats to the Kiddo!

Martha in PA said...

Congrats! She did great!

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