Friday, June 26, 2009

Taking it on the Chin

T has 7 stitches in her chin and is going to have some spectacular bruises. She fell off her bike Wednesday night and her chin took the brunt of it. She chipped a tooth and I think one of the front ones may have shifted on top (thank heavens for the braces - they held her tooth in place). She has some small scrapes on the inside of her bottom lip too. A scrape on her elbow, her knee, her hand. Nothing broken that they could tell. She took a big chunk out of her chin and it was really deep. She flipped out a bit when we told her she had to have stitches and the needle for the anesthetic was painful but she's pretty tough. I think we need to stick to horses...


Gennasus said...

Hope the chin mends soon. Tricky things, those bikes.

Martha in PA said...

i am so sorry. I hope she is feeling better soon. I agree the needle hurts worse than the stitches!

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