Saturday, July 4, 2009

Driving Horse Sale

Craig, T and I decided to head over to the annual Driving Horse Sale at New Holland Sales Stables. The sellers hitch up their horses and drive them in the road between the stable and the parking lot. They turn around at each end of the street and come back. It makes for quite a spectacle and some people bring chairs and stay all day just to watch. I spent about 2 hours watching and taking 200 some photos and video. It was pretty impressive! Today was Morgans, Standardbreds, Saddlebreds with a handful of other breeds thrown in. All of the horses were in good weight with decent feet and most were young, about 90% under the age of 10 with about 75% under the age of 5. Most of the horses were driven in light harness and jog carts. Some of them were flying! Most of the whips lean way to compensate for the speed. I didn't spend any time in the auction itself but it was mobbed with about 700 head of horses going through today alone (it's a 2 day sale).

The whip (driver) of this cart was so laid back. He did everything with a smile on his face (and he drove several horses) and he made it look like a stroll through the park.

The turn around at the stop sign. Believe it or not, the road wasn't closed to traffic.

A perfect trot

To view all of the photos, please visit my PhotoReflect site.


Martha in PA said...

Awesome photos. We will have to head there some day. Tara would love it!

CTG Ponies said...

It was a really fun place to people-watch.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! Looks like cart racing! Such beautiful horses, too.

Thanks for sharing your photos.


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