Monday, July 6, 2009

Trail Tales

We hit the Red Trail for a ride in Green Lane Park. It's much longer than the Orange Trail and goes through meadows, woods, crosses the street in several places and runs along Green Lane Reservoir. T and I met Penny at the trail head for a 9 AM start.

Horse Butts
Filling up the water bucket from the pump

T and Jet were the lead, followed by me with Montero, and Penny with Razzle bringing up the rear (Razzle prefers to be the caboose). We set a pretty fast pace as the footing was very good with lots of places to trot/gait and some really good places to canter. We encountered other equestrians, hikers, cyclists, even a couple of dogs. I didn't take a whole bunch of pics since it's kind of hard to shoot and ride and I only got one picture of Penny, shot over my shoulder and not very good, since she was behind me for most of the ride.

Penny & Razzle

The path along the edge of one of the meadows

The center of the meadow

One of the open fields along the road - there is a path around the edge and through the center

Crossing the street


We were able to take the horses into the water. Montero had so much fun playing in the water and splashing himself. I think if I had let him, he would have swam off. Jet liked the water well enough but Razzle was kind of disgusted by the whole thing. He took some coaxing and preferred not to be in the water.

T and Jet

Montero spotted something interesting across the water

According to my Garmin eTrex, we rode for 3 hours and 50 minutes for a total of 10.3 miles with an average speed of just over 3 mph and the fastest speed of 14.9 mph. I was able to clock Montero's running walk - at slow speed it's 6 mph and that was at the end of the ride when he was exhausted. We hadn't planned on riding that long or that many miles but it was a great ride!

On the way back


Ed said...

Looks like ya'll had a blast, I'm jealous..:-)

Martha in PA said...

Looks like fun! What a beautiful area to ride! The weather's been awesome too!

CTG Ponies said...

It was a lot of fun!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! Such a fun trail ride. Razzle is the most unique and beautiful color!

Loved all the photos, too.

SandyCarlson said...

I love all the ears. Wondeful, peaceful shots.

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