Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Meet Woodstock

Meet our latest pasture resident. She began following the horses around the other day and was hopping around behind Montero as he headed to the barn for dinner. She's been back for each meal ever since. She will shy away if we get too close (we can still get fairly close to her) but she doesn't mind the horses at all and they don't mind her. I'm pretty sure that she is a fledgling female red winged blackbird. The field next to us is very overgrown and full of red winged blackbirds. She's been eating seed heads from the hay and any crumbs of grain left over. She's even snatching bugs out of the air around the horses. Craig has dubbed her Woodstock.

Waiting at the entrance to the run-in shed

Milling around the hay bins

Perched on Montero's hay box
Cleaning up around Jet's legs


lisa said...

Nice friend!! Not the normal goat that people seem to get for horse friends!! HeHe

Ed said...

Very cute, if you ever get one of her on Montero's back that will be priceless..:-)

CTG Ponies said...

Jet's the one that will stand still long enough for the birds to land on him. I've seen the birds on his back but haven't been able to get close enough for a pic. This little bird lets us get really close. She brought a friend with her this morning but the friend was more skittish.

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