Saturday, August 8, 2009

Merlin gets a new life

We are all animal lovers in our family. We had a difficult year in 2008 in that we lost 2 dogs (Snoopy and Binky) and a horse (Diego) to old age. We made the decision to get another dog last July and Bandit entered our lives. It was a bit of a bumpy road but we figured each other out and he's happy here. Merlin came to our family after a phone call from a friend that works at the SPCA. So we were back to two dogs. It became apparent that Merlin was not a good fit for our family. He needs more attention than we are able to give him right now and he wasn't happy with us. We contacted Dachshund Rescue of Bucks County and Jo Whalen decided to take him. He left for his temporary home this afternoon. He will be available for placement in a permanent home through the Rescue. I hope he finds a family where he is happy and they love him. We will miss the little guy but need a little less chaos in our lives. We wish you well, Merlin!

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lisa said...

We know how you feel, we took in a dog for a friend that was getting a divorce and they got rid of everything and she was a nice dog but just didn't fit in with our family and thank go she moved back here and I asked her if she wanted her back and she did. So, she did get to go back to her orginal owners and they all are happy!!

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