Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Schooling Montero

At the last gymkhana, Montero decided that he didn't have to stop when T asked him to and twice took off with her. She managed to get him stopped but it shook her up a bit. It's a scary thing to be on an animal that big and powerful and be at their mercy. We all sat down and talked about what we can do different. He's in excellent weight now, is muscling up, and definitely feeling more frisky. We are going to be doing more schooling with him, reenforcing the gaits and whoa. We also found a bit that is a more suitable (the other bit was a transition bit and he figured out he could run through it). We tested the new bit a few days ago and it seems to work well for him. I rode him first while T rode Jet and then she hopped up on Montero.


lisa said...

Thank you for the award! When he takes off please have her get off, no one ever got hurt from getting off!! I have learned that the hard way!! Have her do lots from the ground to get his respect and get her leadership!! Sorry, I am not trying to sound bossy!!

CTG Ponies said...

Thanks for the concern! It's appreciated! When he took off with her at the show, we decided to scratch him from the rest of the classes since it was very uncharacteristic of him. He's great on the ground, not pushy at all. We work with both horses on the ground daily. We've both ridden him since and he hasn't offered to do anything like he did at the show, walk/trot/gait or gallop. More schooling is in store for him to reinforce the whoa. He was more than 100 pounds lighter when we got him and not in very good shape so we are all still figuring things out.

cherie said...

Aris wants the boys to learn horseback riding, but I'm a little too scared! It looks like a lot of fun, though, and I guess accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, not just when riding horses. Very encouraging, CTG!

Anonymous said...

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