Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our First Ride at Shaky H

We have been blessed with some really gorgeous weather once the thunderstorms moved off. It has been cool and much less buggy with just a hint of the weather to come in the fall. We tacked up and headed into the arena for some schooling - T on Montero with me on Jet and then we switched. We didn't mind riding in the pasture but it is very nice to have a ring with great footing to ride in. Montero was taking it all in and was watching his surroundings but listening to T. Jet, on the other hand, would really rather not, thank you very much, and kept cutting into the center of the ring. He was fine outside of the ring but didn't really want to work in the ring. I took both horses out of the ring for a walk and they did great - no spooks or problems.

Me cantering Jet

Montero is really building muscle to carry himself in a nice frame.
100 pounds ago he had no muscle tone.
T stayed in the ring while Jet and I headed for a walk around the farm

T bought him a pretty light blue crystal browband.

Montero at the canter

Working a barrel

Bringing Jet home after running a barrel pattern.


lisa said...

Great! I am taking lessons again! Mainly to get my confidence back! I am doing dressage and I have always done western riding but it is alot of fun learning something different and I feel like I am in a cadillac when I go back to my western saddle!!

Anonymous said...

awww looks like so much fun! i really like T's horsey :)

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