Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Scottish Irish Festival, Green Lane Park

Every year Green Lane Park hosts a Scottish Irish Festival. This year was the 10th anniversary. It started off 10 years ago as a day-long festival and has grown to 2 1/2 days. Since this is so close to our house, we go every year, sometimes more than 1 day. This year it rained buckets Friday and Saturday so I'm sure that attendance was very low. Sunday's weather was absolutely perfect so the Festival was mobbed. The Festival is held on both sides of the park, joined by a walkway over the lake. These pictures were taken in the morning as the Festival opened. The crowds were much larger later in the day.

A pipe and drum band

The welcoming committee for the Irish Setter rescue


A friend of ours did the pony rides and T was a pony walker.
There were 6 ponies and 7 kids to help out.
Setting up and getting the ponies ready Walking a friend's son around
Keeping cool in between rides

I'll post more pics throughout the week.


gtyyup said...

That looks like a fun event! I love the photo with the Irish Setter...he's beautiful!

Martha in PA said...

Looks like a great time. I considered going, but with the bad weather, there were too many things to do in one day! I'm going to put it on the calendar for next year!

Have a good week!

lisa said...

We used to do the scottish games in Rockford, IL and the mass bands were just awesome! Nothing like a bunch of pipes playing all at the same time!!

Anonymous said...

looks like a fun day out! :)
nice photos thanks for sharing xx

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