Thursday, September 24, 2009

Teaching Montero How to Gait on a Lead

As Montero started to steadily gain weight, it was difficult for him to maintain his gait for any length of time since he didn't have any muscle tone. Now that he has gained a significant amount of weight and is building muscle tone, we wanted to start working with him to gait on a leadline. He will follow you all over the pasture, either loose with with a halter and lead but just doesn't get it when you ask him to gait. We figured it would be fun to try a ground pole on the leadline too. He's a willing soul and will tolerate quite a bit. Jet just stood around and watched.


lisa said...

You are doing good! Keep up the good work!

cherie said...

it is always wonderful to read your posts! Montero is a good horse!~~~and i love the quote by will rogers up there! cheers, sweetie!

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