Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Ride on Zip

Tuesday was a beautiful day, in the high 60s with sunshine but very windy. T tacked up Zip and worked with him a bit. He went everywhere she asked him to and picked up his gaits and stopped consistently without any spooking at all, even with leaves blowing and the ponies across the driveway running around. Who knows how long it's been since he was ridden. He's sat for the better part of a month that we know of. The Tom Thumb bit that we had didn't work well for him so we tried Jet's bit and bridle (if you look close in the pictures he has 2 different bridles on). Jet's bit worked much better (of course, since it's custom and expensive). She did mostly walking and trotting with a little bit of canter work. I had her work him quite a bit on the slope since he doesn't have a whole lot of muscle tone and needs to build up the back end. He has a beautiful floating trot and he has super steady gaits, even downhill. His nose goes in the air a bit but working with him over time will help with that. He's settling in well and hopefully gaining some weight.

Even Montero and Jet got a workout. T hopped on Montero with a bareback pad and I rode Jet with the other bareback pad. Jet is my steady-eddie so it's always fun to ride him. T had fun on Montero trying to figure out which gait he was doing. Sometimes I forget how much I love riding.


Ed said...

Very cool, he's a beautiful horse..:-)

CTG Ponies said...

Thanks! He's a nice dude and seems to be fitting in well, so far.

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