Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The weekend storms dropped a significant amount of rain with high winds so everything is wet, muddy and some shade of brown.  I dug into my archives from March of last year.  This barn sits off to the side of a small strip mall that was built a couple of years ago.  In the summer it's so overgrown that you can't see it but it sits abandoned and forlorn in plain sight in the winter.  Craig took these as I wasn't brave enough to venture inside.

Sunshine's on its way so hopefully I'll get some brighter pics this week.


Anonymous said...

WOW, it really looks old! I love to take pictures of old barns. :)

lisa said...

I have always loved old barns, yes, we got rain but no where near what they got down south of us. Hubby says in the city it is really bad.

gtyyup said...

That's an incredible old barn. I'd love to go poke my camera in there too. The B&W effect is perfect.

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