Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Gang

With the arrival of Kali, I realized how unique each horse is, especially in the way they move.  Jet has very rolling comfortable gaits.  Zip is very steady and has a ground eating stride.  Kali has a lot of movement but doesn't cover a lot of ground (definitely bred for Western Pleasure).

Of the 3, we've had Jet the longest - since October of 2008.  For a scrappy little horse with wonky knees, a bone chip in his ankle and arthritis, he is fluid, sure footed, and graceful.  He turns on a dime, can almost anticipate what you are going to ask of him, and takes care of his rider.  I absolutely love riding him.  And for a horse that was chronically lame to the point where euthanasia was considered, the fact that he was gymkhana Junior Reserve Champion last year is quite an accomplishment.  He's sound barefoot now and has some days where he's stiff but then again so do I.  And he's the most playful of the bunch - he's quite the tail puller.

We call Zip the grumpy old man.  He's the tallest at almost 15.2 hands.  He'll do what you ask of him because you asked but I don't think he's had much kind handling in his life.  He is just now getting used to treats and used to turn his nose up to peppermints but loves them now (Jet was kind of the same way when we got him - standoffish and not sure about people).  I don't think that Zip has been exposed to much beyond ranch work.  He'll come around once he realizes that sometimes we just want to hang out with him and feed him treats.  He is very well broke and like Jet will turn on a dime.  He tends to be a hotter than the other two so we make sure to give him lots of time to rest and just stand still when he is being worked.  His feet are improving as is his overall health and I'm hoping that his coat is nice and shiny once he sheds out.  I'd love to look back two years from now and find that he's a pocket pony like Jet.

Kali is the princess of the bunch.  She loves to be groomed and fiddled with.  She's also very well broke for both English and Western but she has a slower overall movement than the boys.  She's been trained for jumping (unlike Jet and Zip) and has very good form.  She's also the most conformationally correct of our three. We look forward to getting her more fit so we can see what's she's capable of.

Note - all pics were taken last weekend after a bath. 
They didn't stay clean for long as they all rolled pretty much as soon as they were turned out.


Intense Guy said...

Beautiful animals...

...and so like dogs, rolling in the mud after a bath!

CTG Ponies said...

The muddier the better!

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