Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Photography Bucket List

In January, Linda from Just Another Day on the Prairie, had a post of the things that she would add to her photography Bucket List.  I thought this was such a cool idea as my interest in photography has grown exponentially over the last year or so.  My mother was an artist and had an amazing eye for capturing images in different mediums - paint, pen and ink, pencil, pastel embroidery - you name it, she did it.  I may not have inherited the ability to draw like she did but I think that she taught me how to frame a subject and capture a feeling.  Last year, I started to compile photos into an online gallery and have had fun selecting images to post.  I would like to ramp up what I do photography-wise this year and I want to challenge myself to take really good images that say something without words.  So here is the beginning of my Photography Bucket List.  Some things are more about the experience with the photo opportunity going along with it.  In no particular order of importance:
  • Upgrade to a higher quality DSLR (this may happen sooner rather than later)
  • Spend a week photographing Mustangs in their native element
  • Take a photo safari in Africa (someday...maybe)
  • Pony trekking across Ireland with my camera (something I have always wanted to do)
  • Have one of my photos grace the cover of a book or the pages of a magazine or a catalog
  • Participate in a gallery expo, even if it's just one photo
  • Participate in a cattle drive
  • Learn better composition overall
  • Sharpen my editing skills (some of the things you can do in editing are AMAZING)
I hope to cross some of these things off my list at some point in my life.  Please share your list.


Anonymous said...

Great list..................when you go to Africa.....I'm coming along. What DSLR are you looking at getting?

The Wife said...

I think that's an awesome bucket list. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

this is an awesome idea and i like your goals
looking forward to watching them unfold :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Your Bucket List is great! And they seem doable, too.
I can see myself doing or trying to many of those wonderful ideas, too.

I hope they all come true for you!


Intense Guy said...

I'm sure you will do:

•Have one of my photos grace the cover of a book or the pages of a magazine or a catalog

•Participate in a gallery expo, even if it's just one photo

Your shots are fantastic!

CTG Ponies said...

Thank you so much for the feedback! This is a new endeavor for me so maybe someday I'll be able to cross some things off my list.

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