Monday, April 26, 2010

First Show of the Season - DONE!

We headed out to the first of the Buxmont shows for 2010 on Saturday.  We decided to show Kali in Green Western Pleasure and we brought Zip along for the gymkhana later in the day.  The Western Pleasure show had a record number of horses and was running late.  We got to the show grounds around 11 AM, T didn't head into her class until some time after 4.  Kali pinned in 2 of the 3 classes while Zip cheered her on from outside the ring.  Zip was very well behaved all day, probably because he had Kali with him. 

Green Western Pleasure

I really love this picture and I'm going to do some editing to enhance it.

The gymkhana started about an hour late so we were hustling to get all the classes in before the rain started. 

The gymkhana warmup looked a bit like a circus.

Zip did really well and was Grand Champion for the show on Zip but the surprise of the night was Kali who actually beat Zip in 2 classes and took first place for barrels.  T won some cash in an open money run on Zip for 50 yard dash (she came in 2nd and money pays for 1st, 2nd and 3rd).  T rocked and I'm very proud of her!

Zip's times and placings
Bootlace 1st – 25.967
Pole Bending 1st – 28.037
Bat the Bottle 3rd – 17.450
50 Yard Dash 4th – 8.576
Keyhole – No time
Scramble 1st – 17.507
Barrels (Clover Leaf) 4th – 21.287

Kali's times and placings
Bootlace 3rd – 29.537
Pole Bending – 38.754
Bat the Bottle 2nd – 16.924
50 Yard Dash 2nd – 8.357
Keyhole– No time
Scramble – No time
Barrels (Clover Leaf) 1st – 19.958

Bootlace on Zip

Poles on Kali

Poles on Zip

Since it was late in the day and a storm was looming, I wasn't able to get great pictures for the gymkhana.  You can see more pics here.


Ed said...

WOW! Massive congrats!! :-))
p.s. thanks for sending the starters and seedpods to mom, she was soooo excited..:-)

lisa said...


Intense Guy said...

Congrats! - I never saw so many horses in on place before. I'm glad the weather held up until the very end. Zip is a one very handsome horse in person!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! Way to go T, Zip and Kali!!!

They did awesome...and looke great while doing it, too!


CTG Ponies said...

Thanks! The next show is in 3 weeks and T has already started the countdown.

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