Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Playing in the Pond

We did get a chance to ride at the new farm this weekend but I took it easy since I wasn't feeling well.  T had the chance to run each horse on the track (she galloped about half way which was a quarter mile and slowed down for the rest) and rode each in the indoor.  When we were finished on Sunday, we were playing around in the pasture.  T wanted to see if Kali would go in the pond but Princess Kali had other ideas so she set her sights on Jet (Zip was in the back corner eating hay - I swear he doesn't really like people but lots of treats will fix that).

Since Jet was so willing to go in, I suggested she get reins and her helmet so off to the barn she headed.  I gave her a leg up and she headed into the pond.

I love the fact that she was having a great time and was all smiles.

She headed off to the other side where it was a bit flatter.

Kali followed along to see what was going on.

The water was a bit deeper near the bridge.

Jet settled down to take a drink.

It was a fun experience and I look forward to being able to ride in and along the creek in the near future.


Intense Guy said...

Oh cool! Gotta get some horsie bathing suits!!

I hope you feel ALL better soonest.

Ed said...

Very cool, an aqua horse..:-)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Looks like fun. What a joy to have a confident, playful horse.

gtyyup said...

How fun! Wouldn't that be perfect on a hot afternoon in the summer!

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