Sunday, April 4, 2010

Still Here...

I have a cold this week that is totally kicking my butt.  I spent most of Saturday sleeping and finally ventured out into the sunlight today.  Some things changed this week and the horses are now at another farm in the next town.  All are settling in well and T and I got some riding in.  The new farm has a 1/2 mile conditioning track which has been great for T to work Jet and Zip.  Even Kali got a run on the track, part of it anyway.  1/2 mile is way too much of a run so T's doing one long stretch and taking it easy the rest of the way.  We've also ridden all 3 in the indoor to get them used to it.  The pastures have ponds so T rode Jet bareback into the pond for the first time today.  Pics to post later this week.

1 comment:

Intense Guy said...

I guess a race like the KY Derby is really like a "marathon" for a horse?

I hope the horses like their new home.

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