Sunday, May 16, 2010


Saturday night was Buxmont's second gymkhana of the year.  We took both Kali and Zip.  T completely rocked!  She won Grand Champion on Kali and Reserve Champion on Zip.

Big H on Kali

Big H on Zip

Peppermint Twist on Kali

Peppermint Twist on Zip

Keyhole on Kali

Keyhole on Zip

Flag Race on Kali
Kali wasn't quite sure what they were supposed to be doing
This is the only pattern that she didn't practice

Flag Race on Zip

Kali's times and placings
Big H - 2nd – 23.617
Peppermint Twist - 2nd – 20.347
Keyhole - 2nd – 11.674
Flag Race – no time
Barrels - 2nd – 19.933
One Lap - 1st – 10.672
Poles - 3rd – 26.410

Zip's times and placings
Big H - 1st – 21.999
Peppermint Twist - 3rd – 21.308
Keyhole - no time
Flag Race - 5th – 34.936
Barrels - 4th – 21.037
One Lap - 3rd – 11.012
Poles - 4th – 28.525

I am very proud of her!!!  She works hard practicing for shows and it's really paying off for her.  There's a lot of really strong competition in her division.

You can see more show photos here.


finski said...

Congrats! Be proud of YOU also!! You are a great mom to encourage and support her passion!

T... Give your mom a great big hug!!

The Wife said...

Congrats!! That's awesome!

Anonymous said...


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Amazing! I bet she is enjoying these terrific photos you took of her, too. That first Keyhole shot on Kali was fierce!
What a thrill! You should be proud, as should your DD, too.

So happy for y'all!


Intense Guy said...


T looks so strong and confident! And Zip looks like he just wants to please to no end (much like any Border Collie!)

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