Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In the Indoor

We took all of the training stuff out of the indoor on Saturday and Craig watered and dragged the ring.  Of course T needed to be the first one to ride on the smooth ring.  We bought a new hackamore and she wanted to try it out on Kali.  I can't get good pictures inside the indoor but close to the doors works.


Nice and steady

Practicing Hoop the Barrel at the other end of the arena

Kali did great in the hackamore - a lot more bend than with a bit so we are going to work her in the hackamore for now.  When we first got her, we called the breeder and we were told that she was started in a bosal so we didn't anticipate any issues with the hackamore.


Intense Guy said...

Borsal? hackamore?

:) T looks good scruffing up the ground! It's nice you got an indoor place to ride and practice...

CTG Ponies said...

Bosal and Hackamore are both bitless type bridles. The bosal is a rope noseband while the hackamore has some shanks for more control.

gtyyup said...

I've got indoor arena jealousy going right now! How lucky you are!

Sydney said...

Mm indoor arena would be nice. I can't ride down the lane cause theres a) big machines or b) very large stones that make horses ouchy and I can't ride in the field because a) it's plowed b) it's planted and I can't ride in the round pen because I had to rip it down last fall for the turbine lane.

The hackamore does not have more control because of the shanks, shanks are pointless without a curb strap or chain which amplifies the pounds of pressure you pull on by many times because it presses right on a very sensitive nerve under the chin called the mental nerve.

CTG Ponies said...

This particular hackamore is made for barrel racing and has a "bar" underneath rather than a curb strap or chin chain. You barely have to use any rein on Kali anyway and she responded really well to it. Kali moves off of you legs and seat so there's very little you need to do with your hands. She's fun to ride.

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