Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Stills - Company or Corporation logos

This week's Sunday Stills Challenge is Company or Corporate logos - things like the shell sign to fast food places to the more secretive not so obvious logos.

My Olympus lens

The Orvis logo on my Jeep Orvis Edition Grand Cherokee

My Blackberry for work

The TNT Fireworks logo on hubby's t-shirt. 
There's a store about 45 minutes away.

You can view other participants in Sunday Stills here


Ed said...

Very nice shots, love the new layout of your blog..:-)

Janice said...

Those were different. You guys are all so creative.

Anonymous said...

Nice choices. And, I'm with Ed on your new layout. :)

Anonymous said...

T - shirt logos! Now that's one form of advertising that pays in two ways. People buy the shirts, and then advertise for you for free! What a marketing concept! Great logo photo idea, and great photo.

Regular Guy said...

Nice pictures and good job on the theme.

Intense Guy said...

:) Nice shots... I bet once you started looking for logos, you found them everywhere!

Brenda said...

great ideas on logos.

HGL said...

nice shots, my favourite is Orvis

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